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Board of Directors

Professor Daniel Bruce Sarpong is a Professor and the former Dean of the School of Agriculture, University of Ghana. He doubles as a member of the Steering Committee of the High-Level Panel of Experts (StC-HLPE) of theUN-FAO CFS-FSN. Prof. is also a Fellow of the Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation, Germany.

Graduating from the University of Ghana, International University of Japan (IUJ) and Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan are the least of his achievements. He has chaired the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, University of Ghana, on three occasions between 2006 and 2017. 

Professor Sarpong teaches Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Research Methodology and Statistics and Econometrics courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels. He provides scientific analysis of socio-economics of agricultural households and their impacts on the macro-economy. He is part of an international research team on Indicators of Affordability of Nutritious Diets in Africa (IANDA) Project and ChangingAccess to Nutritious Diets in Africa and South Asia (CANDASA), based at Tufts University, USA.

Professor Seiichiro Yonekura is Professor of Graduate School of Innovation Management(Hosei University) and Professor Emeritus of Institute of Innovation Research(Hitotsubashi University).

He is also an Academic Advisor of Centre for Japanese Studies (University of Pretoria in Republic of South Africa), Director of Nippon Genki Juku, a lifetime education program at Academy hills in Roppongi and Chief Editor of HitotsubashiBusiness Review, one of the most prestigious business magazines in Japan.

Graduating from Hitotsubashi University (Japan) and Harvard University (United States) arethe least of his achievements. He is one of the best in historical development of innovation and entrepreneurship in global business and entrepreneurship especially in the BOP (base of pyramid) market.

Two ofhis published works are Japanese history of innovators- creative response ofModern Japan and the structure of a management revolution.

Mr. Toshiya Kurasaki is the Founder and representative of ElektroLibera LLC, an IC card consultancy firm in Japan.

He has ten (10) years of working experience with Fujitsu Ltd. as a System Engineer in designing Mainframe computer systems and eleven (11) years’ experiences with Sony Corporation as the Senior Technical Manager of FeliCa IC Card System.

He has also been a free IT consultant since 2017 for various IT Projects (Logistics, Medical, Mifare-based Transport, E-Ticket, Banking, and leasing) both in Asia and Africa (Rwanda).

Mr. Chrys Kikuchi is an Executive Director of C.K.& ASSOCIATES, a consulting firm specializes in marketing and communication. He doubles as an Executive Director for Imported Building Materials Forum, an association of building products importers. He is also the Director for Japanese Market Management, Quebec Sanchoku Group which is a partnership business with Quebec housing products manufactures to develop the market and to sell their products.

Mr. Kikuchi has served as an Assistant to Press Attache, Swiss Embassy-Tokyo. He was also the Account Executive for Japan Counselors Inc. and a Coordinator for Japan House Culture Center, Denver, Colorado, USA.

Mr. Kikuchi holds an MBA in International Marketing from University of Colorado at Denver, Bachelor of Art Degree from University of Colorado at Denver. He is a Certified Living in Place Professional and a Certified Imported Building Materials Meister.