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Our Team

Meet Our CEO

Daniel Elliot Kwantwi

Mr. Daniel Elliot Kwantwi is a graduate of the University of Tokyo (Japan), Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology (Japan) and the University of Ghana (Ghana). He has business certificates from the UC San Diego, Santa Clara University, Leavey School of Business and The Silicon Valley Executive Center (United States of America). He is the Former Kanto Regional Manager of Kakehashi Africa. He has worked in remarkable companies like Ohayo Ghana Foundation, Freight Links Logistics, Century Company Limited, among others.


University of Ghana is the oldest and highest ranked university in Ghana and highly ranked in Africa as well. It has an on-campus transportation which is very enviable. Our products and services could not have come at any better time. We are proud to introduce such a great product that does not only improve your access to facilities in the university but also quality of lives.

This is what drives my team and I to serve you with this great product.

Thanks to TranSoniCa card, there is no more need to pay with money to the driver, conductor or sales person. Just touch your TranSoniCa to the ticket gate or sensor and the fare or charge is automatically deducted from your card. TranSoniCa eliminates the need to carry cash or exact fares. Simplifies day-end cash counting activities, reducing human counting errors as well as time required for bank reconciliations. Lowers cash handling cost. TranSoniCa is more reliable, convenient, faster and easier to use than conventional fare collection system available.

There is unprecedented demand for our products and services and we want our customers to know that we will not let them down. With your support and patronage, we will together develop the cashless society in and beyond the university premise.

Manager's Profile

Mr. Prince H. Danquah-Odoi

Finance & Account Manager

Ms. Magdalene N. A. Ashong

Administrative Manager

Mr. Isaac Affah

IT Manager

Mr. Samuel S. Kodia

Operations Manager

Mr. Nathaniel Apalbilah

Market and CS Manager