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Most frequent Questions and Answers

No. Transactions with the TranSoniCa Card (T-Card) comes with NO charges. You rather get as high as 25% discount when you use it on the bus.

First apply for the card via this website by completing the form and pick your card from any authorized agent. The T-Card can also be purchased at the TranSoniCa Joints (Bus Stops), Top-up Agents,  Authorized Vendors. You can also receive your card from Student Ambassadors. Please NOTE that you must apply via the website for all necessary information to be captured.

Yes you can. You only need to make sure they are not placed together when making transactions.

No. The Card and the value does not expire. Rather it will be deactivated after three years of no transaction. You can reactivate it by paying a small administrative fee.

No. Card holders pay no monthly fees or annual fees after paying for the card.

Use the card very often for all transactions and enjoy not just the convenience and security but also the numerous discount. Visit our social media platform very often as we showcase numerous promo and discounts. Your T-Card is issued to you for your regular use. If your Personalized T-Card is issued
on or after 1st July 2021 and has not had any add value or payment transaction for three
years, it will become an Inactive T-Card and you may have to pay the Inactive T-Card
Administrative Fee. 

TranSoniCa users do not need to request or apply for an incomplete transaction refund. These are queued for processing automatically, and will be credited. One can however report inconsistencies and it will be rectified within 48 hours.

Unfortunately not, money put on the card can only be used for transactions 

An incomplete transaction may occur when a T-Card is removed too quickly from the TranSoniCa reader, or when a T-Card is presented at the reader at the same time with another T-Card or contactless smart card. When an incomplete transaction happens, the “dood” sound is not heard and the remaining value is not shown on the screen. If the attendant thinks that the payment has not successfully gone through, you may be asked to pay by other means, even if your T-Card deducts the sum from its remaining value. When this happens, tap the TranSoniCa on the reader again to hear the “dood” signal for a complete transaction and see the remaining value. This will NOT cause a double deduction. If there is no response to the second tap, make sure no other TranSoniCa or contactless smart cards are placed too close to the card while tapping. For an incomplete (and therefore unsuccessful) transaction, the attendant may ask you to pay by other means, even if your TranSoniCa deducts the sum from its remaining value. For more
clarification, please contact our 24H Customer Service via 0208548418.

Make sure you do not have more than one card when making transactions. Also, to prevent incomplete transactions from occurring, don’t remove a T-Card too quickly from a TranSoniCa reader when tapping, and separate your TranSoniCa and other contactless smart cards for use in a wallet, or simply pull out the T-Card completely when using it. For more clarification, please contact our 24H customer service via 0208548418.

Yes you can. 

The steps are below;
1. The Receiver need to apply via the website
2. The Cardholder will then write to the company to request for transfer of ownership to the Name of the Receiver
3. The Company will confirm both identity and transfer ownership
4. The Receiver will be given the green light to start using the card via email or WhatsApp


  1. You may add value to the T-card purse at all TranSoniCa authorized Agents with cash up to a maximum stored value of GH₵1,000.
  2. Place this card steadily over a T-card reader, hold and wait until there is an indication that the transaction is completed and the remaining value is shown on the screen before removing your card. If the transaction is incomplete because you removed your card too quickly from a reader, please present it over the reader again.
  3. Please record your T-card numbers for future reference. This can be found behind the card. If the T-card number cannot be identified, TranSoniCa Company Limited may not be able to refund the remaining stored value on the card.
  4. Do not hold more than one T-card with another contactless smart card, over a reader at one time.
  5. The TranSoniCa Card and the value on it does not expire. Please report any malfunctioning to the company via 0208548418 or this website.
  6. As soon as you cannot find your card, call the TranSoniCa office line on (0208548418) to lodge a complaint for your old card to be blocked and replaced with a new one at a fee for you.
  7. The card is only for payments. You CANNOT withdraw any amount from the card after depositing cash on it.
  8. One can own more than one card but cards should not be kept together when making payments.