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About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. 


TranSoniCa Company Limited will create an environment that makes transaction the best part of our customers’ everyday life.



1. Increase speed of transaction to the maximum
2. Reduce transaction cost to 0% (no queue, stealing nor need for change)
3. Employ the best technologies, minds and hands in the market to give our vendors the power to make their end users happy
4. Emphasize personal relationships with our key partners and customers and maintain high profitability in order to serve them eternally

Our story

TranSoniCa Company Limited employs highly sophisticated and cutting-edge technology developed with Japan to speed up transactions and improve access to facilities. We issue contactless smart cards that allow every Ghanaian irrespective of their class to pay for anything at any time & improve quality of lives. 

We do this with unprecedented security, credibility and accountability. 

Our team come to the table with expertise and experience spanning across financial services (banking & investments), marketing, policy, technology, project management, customer service, among others. We believe in openness, combined with access to the most modern research and financial tools available, to yield a level of professionalism and service unequalled in the world.

Message from Managers

I believe the TranSoniCa vision is going to revolutionize payment as we've known it. The contactless nature of their cards and transaction speed is currently unmatched in the industry. I am of the conviction that the competence and experience of this team will make them market leaders in the foreseeable future.
Mr. Prince H. Danquah-Odoi
Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction and bringing cashless solutions to assist means of purchasing and paying for fares. We are here to implement the best means of traveling, shopping and eating. Go cashless and stay safe. TranSoniCa is the only way!!!
Mr. Samuel Sowah Kodia
TranSoniCa seeks to transform the micropayments space in Ghana one "swipe" at a time. This solution when implemented at scale would tackle transaction inefficiencies such as speed and other associated costs. TranSoniCa is at the forefront of micropayments in Ghana! I am particularly excited about being part of this vision. I look forward to offering you the best service.
Mr. Nathaniel Apalbilah

I am excited to introduce to you the TranSoniCa technology. This has brought the future to us much closer than ever. We have employed state of the act robotic secured system to secure all transactions on buses, in shops, restaurants and all other platforms. Join us and experience the cashless society you have always dreamed of.

Mr. Isaac Affah

Our News

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