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Payment via the TranSoniCa card is the coolest thing ever. You do not need to carry coin changes or be worried about being treated badly by a bus conductor. Simply tap your TranSoniCa card or app on the BV while boarding the bus and while you are getting down and the exact amount will be deducted from your card. Transaction happens within ONE second. Simply advance with a touch.


Shopping and Eating

The TranSoniCa Card can be used to make payments for shopping and eating. We currently have this service operating in almost all the shops, restaurants, pharmacies, barbering shops, among others signed up to our platform. Just look for the TranSoniCa logo and voila!!


TranSoniCa Cards

The TranSoniCa card is of the same shape and size as that of the VISA cards which has a Radioactive Frequency Identification (RFID) and uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The Company and its Agents are in charge of TranSoniCa Card sales. Visit your nearest Agent or the Company’s office for your card.

Taxi Booking Service

GPS location

GPS Location of buses

Each of TranSoniCa’s bus validators have an improved GPS-locator installed to give our customers the real-time location of the buses. Users can access this and many other useful information via this website or the TranSoniCa app. Only TranSoniCa card holders will be given access to this information.


Card Recharge

The TranSoniCa Card can be loaded/topped up  and used as many times as desired. Your can easily find our authorized Top-up Agents all over the university premise. Just look for our “Top-up TranSoniCa Card Here” sign. Remember that you cannot have more than GHS 1000 on a card.

TranSoniCa Users can sit in the comfort of their room and book a taxi. One has to only select the pick up location, pick up time and destination. All these could be done on our website. Click HERE to book your taxi now. Enjoy your ride and share your experience with us. Always at your service.

Sign Up for your TranSoniCa HERE

60% OFF until 31st July, 2024

Now ONLY GH¢ 20

First Name or Christian Name First
e.g. DD/MM/YYYY = 26/08/2005
ONLY 4 digits. This is your own PIN that will be used to access your card. NB: PINs such as 1234 & 0000 are unacceptable.
Enter the 14-digit code behind the card. SKIP this if you are yet to receive your card.

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